The Throwbacks

Friday, March 31, 2006

The Friday Wind Down Part II

If you all want to thank anyone for these, thank the kind people who shared these great albums with us. I'm out seriously this Enjoy!

Throwbacks of the 90's

Various Artists
Soul Food Soundtrack (1997)


Mary J. Blige
My Life (1994)

Keith Washington
Make Time For Love (1990)
(courtesy of AFC Wimbledon...thanks!)

Throwbacks of the 80's

Lovers (1986)
(courtesy of Jose)

Another Goodie
(courtesy of Jose...thanks!)

The Ultimate Cherrelle Package

Fragile (1984)
High Priority (1986)
Affair (1988)
The Woman I Am (1992)

The Friday Wind Down Part I

Hey there everyone! I'm going to make this short and sweet (I know I can get a little long, thanks to Willie, AFC Wimbledon, Jose, Monica, and Kris for your generous contributions to the blog within the past two days, it's greatly appreciated (for those I may have forgotten, charge it to my head and not my heart please). I'm so excited again because there's another player on the team, Jose, and I tell you, you guys are going to be so happy with what he's going to bring forth to us soon. Thanks to Leslie for bringing to my attention the New Jack Swing Tour, featuring Guy, Jodeci, After 7, and Tony! Toni!, Tone!. Check for further details. So enjoy the music and have a great weekend.


Requests (if possible):

  • Miki Howard - Miki Howard
  • Tony! Toni! Tone! - House of Music
  • Michel'le - Hung Jury
  • Ashanti - There Is Something Wrong
  • Gina Thompson - If You Only Knew
  • Pure Soul - Pure Soul
  • Jonathan Butler - More Than Friends
  • Stevie Wonder - In Square Circle

Throwbacks of the 90's

4 Bruthas & A Bass (1998)

Solo (1995)
(courtesy of Jose)

Various Artists
Boomerang Soundtrack (1992)


Inner Child (1991)


(for Shanice's first album, Discovery, check Ms. Toya's site)

The Future (1990)
(courtesy of Jose...thanks!)


alternative download w/ 3 bonus tracks included
(courtesy of Willie (aka JJ680)...thanks)
(courtesy of Wht. Chocolate)

Throwbacks of the 80's

Attitude (1989)
(courtesy of Willie (aka JJ680)...thanks!)
(courtesy of Wht. Chocolate...thanks!)

Pebbles (1988)
(courtesy of AFC Wimbeldon...thanks!)

Loose Ends
A Little Spice (1983)

The old school Friday album featured at The Gospel Fill-Up is

V.I.P. Mass and Arts Seminar Mass Choir
Lily In The Valley (1993)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bring On Da' Funk

This be boss playa, cat daddy DeVante aka k-swing and I’ll be helping lilmama and Layu with the site. Big thanks to lilmama and Layu for always keeping this spot bumpin'!... glad to be a part of the team. You can catch my updates every Wednesday or Thursday.

But before we get to the music, here’s the 411 on me: I love new jack swing and hiphop/soul… I am a diehard JODECI fan. They are my favorite artists of all time… no one else comes close. I also love the girl groups, en vogue being my fave.

That’s about it… now let’s get this party started off right.

Jodeci Throwback

It pains me to post their music because EVERYBODY should already own this! … but I find myself asking “what would lilmama do?” .. so here’s the jodeci discography .. enjoy while it lasts (ysi links, no re-ups).. I’m going to spoil y’all because it’s my first post.

The Show, The After-Party, The Hotel (1995)

Diary Of A Mad Band (1993)


Forever My Lady (1991)


Throwbacks of the 90's

K-Ci and JoJo
It's Real (1999)


Jon B.
Bonafide (1995)


Kut Klose
Surrender (1995)


Mary J. Blige
What's The 411? Remix (1992)


Throwbacks of the 80's

Alexander O'Neal
Hearsay (1986)


Mary Jane Girls
Mary Jane Girls (1983)

New Edition
Candy Girl (1983)


Thanks again to everyone who visits and contributes. This site would be nothing without you. Last week, over 1,000 people have visited and yesterday, the site had 1,500 hits, so that's wonderful. I and those who share what we have with everyone are glad to do so. The Throwbacks have alot more in store for you and I'm so excited about it. So just be on the look out for more to come.

Currently, there's two people, Layu and Devante who are helping me by uploading, responding to the emails, ect. You all are awesome, thanks. There's a few others who will be helping (hopefully) if they decide to do so.

So for those who are considering on sharing what you have but don't know how, let's see if this helps. Rip your cd using a program like Windows Media, MusicMatch, or Itunes, for example. Those programs should provide the album information for you when you insert the cd, if not, there should be a search option to use to find the info. Once that's done check to the right on this page to the section titled Tools 4 U. Use the link available for the free Winrar (thanks Andre from The Gospel-Fill Up for the link). With this program you should be able to extract the .rar files to .mp3 and archive your files. Now you're ready to upload. Good servers to choose from are Rapidshare, Megaupload, Sendspace, , Mooload, Easy-Sharing, and (sighn up for the free account to upload bigger file sizes). Then you can email them to

Alright you guys, enjoy Devante's drops and have a great day!

Sorry if I didn't mention each and every contributor by name above, that's alot of names to add. You know who you are though, I not only credit your donation to the blog, but thank you as well personally via email and on the blog.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some requests, donations, and my favorites 4 U

Hey guys, I've got some of your requests fulfilled below as well as some contributions. I have to thank Gotty from Smoking Section for hipping me to Ray Parker, Jr. I didn't think I would like him, but I did. My father even wanted me to make him a copy of it. And to Tit Willow of of the Music Injection crew, girl, you've hooked me up again, thanks so much! Also thanks for the encouragement and the little reminder you wrote to me.

I still have some more albums to re-up. I'll put those to the side so you all can know which ones are back up. For those who were unable to download Gerald Levert and Mint Condition yesterday, I put them back up. Also, check the archives out for more great music. Just a reminder, you may want to check the tracklisting of the album before you do whatever you will do with it, just to make sure everything is correct. We've got some great contributions in store soon and Layu always is holding it down, so I can't wait for her post. Devante, man where are you, email me please. That's it for me today, enjoy!



Be on the lookout for some Shanice and Al B Sure to complete your collection. Also some requests...(if possible)

  • Miki Howard - Miki Howard
  • Tony Toni Tone - House of Blues
  • Michel'le - Hung Jury
  • Guy - The Future
  • N2U - NIIU
  • Pebbles - Pebbles
  • Brik Citi - Between A Rock And A Hard Place
  • Troop - Attitude
  • Ashanti - There Is Something Wrong

Throwbacks of the 90's

MTV Unplugged (1997)

(can be found @ Knotie's site, show him some luv while you're there too)

Azz Izz (1995)

Something's Goin' On (1993)

Here you go Dach! For those who don't remember this group, they had the hit song, Something's Going On. That song was the jam! I remember when they performed it on It's Showtime At The Apollo, they tore it up. I hadn't listened to this album for some time, but as I was uploading it for Dach, I let it play in the background, and I forgot that they recorded Straight From My Heart, can't believe I still remembered the words to that song.

Where Dey At? (1992)
(courtesy of Tit Willow (Music Injection)...thanks again for another gem!)


I can't wait to listen to this album. Lo-Key kind of sounded like Cameo at bit, well at the least the lead singer of I've Got A Thang 4 U did to me. Never heard the rest of the album, but if the rest of the album is like I've Got A Thang 4 U, then that'll be all good for me.

Mariah Carey
MTV Unplugged (1992)


Ralph Tresvant
Ralph Tresvant (1990)


Had to share this with you all. What can I say about this album other than it was off the hook. Classic New Jack Swing with that New Edition flavor to it still. I purchased this album last month at my favorite used cd store in town (I tell you this place has almost everything for cheap, I'm trying my best to stay away from there, but it's like music heaven). I put the cd in when I got in my car and was taken back with "Mr Sensitivity" himself. I nearly got into an accident when Do What I Gotta Do came on, because it's been years since I'd heard that song. I had forgotten all about it. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy his solo debut album.


check the tracklisting for this... Windows Media provided the wrong tracklisting when I ripped it. Track 5 is the interlude and track 6 is Do What I Gotta Do and so on, so please don't think you're missing any tracks.

Throwbacks of the 80's

Tender Lover (1989)


Here you go Daniel! This is classic Babyface. This is Babyface's sophmore solo album. Before he became a solo artist he recorded with The Deele (check Blue's Away for their Greatest Hits album). To me, this is his greatest hits album, with my favorites, It's No Crime, Whip Appeal and Soon As I Get Home. A definite must have to your music collection if you don't have it already.

Ray Parker Jr.
The Best of Ray Parker Jr.
(courtesy of Gotty (Smoking Section)...thanks)


Luther Vandross
Busy Body (1983)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Some hot stuff to start off the new week!

First of all let me say, I’m glad it’s finally spring!!! Soon flowers will be blooming and life will at least be prettier outside. This time I have some of my personal favourites to add (with help from a good friend of this site). My 80’s throwback is definitely worth listening to. I don’t know about ya’ll, but I love Keith Sweat (his first 4 albums that is). You can find his debut below with of course the hits Make It Last Forever and A Right and a Wrong Way, but you may wanna listen to the whole CD, it’s worth it! Another favourite is Eric Benet’s A Day In The Life. If you listen to this album, you’ll see what Halle saw in him (lol). I really love this see CD especially Come as you are!! And of course Loving your best friend and When you think of me. This is the only Eric Benet CD that I can listen to, I was so disappointed with his other two! Now, last but not least I have to promote A Few Good Men up here!!! I truly love them. You may know them from their single Have I never which was a modest hit for them in 1995. The CD is incredible and I still find it hard to believe they never blew up or had a second chance. I saw them perform in 1995 and they can sing! So give their CD a listen, you won’t regret it…

That’s it for now, take care

PS: If you happen to come across these CD's, I'm still looking for them
(Any other contributions are also more than welcome!)

Brik Citi - Between A Rock And A Hard Place


Throwbacks of the 90's

Eric Benet
A Day In The Life (1999)
(Courtesy of Tit Willow… Thank You!)


A one time exception, since I already uploaded it (we don’t do rap!)
LL Cool J
All World (1996)

Blackface (1995)

A Few Good Men
Take A Dip (1995)

Coming Of Age – Forever (song)

Throwback of the 80's

Keith Sweat
Make It Last Forever (1987)


Friday, March 24, 2006

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Hey y'all! Gotta a few goodies to share with you all below. Thanks to Dally of Dally Personal and Tit Willow of MusicInjection for your contributions, hopefully if there's anything you all need, I'll be able to provide for you all in return. I'll be busy this weekend reupping the rest of the albums, but look out for some classic albums to be dropped next week, Layu has some great albums in store for you. Also Devante will be joing the team as well and I can't wait for him to share his offerings with us. Be sure you also utilize the archives listed to the right, you might come across some albums you've been searching for. Alright y'all, don't get too wild this weekend, be safe and have a great one!


Told y'all Neo would be back this week, aren't y'all glad! Check him out if you haven't already and support him. Knotie has his (I'm assuming you're a guy, if not, I'm sorry) tag board up, so check it out too and leave him a message!

Throwbacks of the 90's

Sparkle (1998)
Karyn White
Make Him Do Right (1995)
(courtesy of Tit Willow...thanks again!)

Boyz II Men
II (1994)

Throwbacks of the 80's

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Super Hits
(courtesy of Dally...thanks again!)

Anita Baker
The Songstress (1983)


The Jacksons
Triumph (1980)


Some Extra Goodies For Ya

Traci Spencer
(courtesy of ?, you didn't send me your email address w/ this file)

DJ Bounce's New Jack Swing Mix
(courtesy of Mr. DJ Bounce himself...thanks!)


1. Trey Lorenz - Photograph of Mary (Rooney & Morales mix)
2. Silk ft Keith Sweat - Happy Days ( 12" remix)
3. Christopher Williams - Every Little Thing U Do (Dawg House mix)
4. Gerald Levert - Private Line ( Extended mix)
5. Wrecks n Effect ft Tammy Lucas - My Cutie ( Extended Mix)
6. After 7 - Heat of the Moment (Extended Heat mix)
7. Al B Sure! - Off On Your Own ( Remix)
8. Keith Sweat - Dont Stop Your Love (Extended Mix)
9. Troy Taylor - They Way You Move
10. Intro - Love Thang (Hip Hop Mix)
11. Kruez - UK Swing
12. Joe Public - Live & Learn (12" remix)
13. Guy - Do Me Right ( Extended Club mix)
14. Jeff Redd - You Called & Told Me (Hip Hop mix)
15. H-Town - Treat U Right
16. 5-Star - Shine (New Jack Mix ft Def Jef)
17. Bobby Brown - Thats The Way Love Is ( 12" remix)
18. Wrecks 'n Effect - New Jack Swing (remix)
19. Ralph Tresvant - Stone Cold Gentleman ( Extended Club mix)
20. (Bonus track) Guy - Teddy's Jam (Club mix)


(You can visit him at his MySpace page)

This week on The Gospel Fill-Up, the old school gospel album featured is

Bebe & Cece Winans
Bebe & Cece Winans (1987)

Put the word out about that site please; let your friends, momma, momo, auntie, neighbor, whomever know about The Gospel Fill-Up. My contributors and I are serving up good gospel music there for all to help themselves to, so if you know someone who enjoys gospel music, let them know about the site, they'll be glad you told them.